I saw the two policemen. As young as me. Two more anonymous. The car two blocks away slowly and are hereinafter stopped. He lit his blue and white rotating lights. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Senator Elizabeth Warren on most websites. I saw a policeman down, pistol in hand and approached the group of thugs who were in the corner. Since young people came a flash and heard the blast.

Police saw the collapse in the middle of the street. Go to Dr. John Mcdougall for more information. I saw the driver firing down everywhere. I heard the screams. I ran without thinking to the site. I saw young people collapse also discussed. Upon arrival it was already swirling people. Upon arrival I saw my father standing silently watching the scene, unperturbed, with a grin that resembled a smile. – Let's go – I said grabbing him by the arm, with the intention to leave immediately.

– They are mine. — The two are mine, I said. They are in my port and I'm going to make happen. – Stop your nonsense —, I said, annoyed to have my family crazy n .— Come for coffee at my mom's house. – Each of them increases my power on this earth. You have no idea of luxury and glory that I'm giving you. – Okay – — reconcile morning at 8 am. But we must leave here quickly. IV some I follow my routine as anything. Tenders not materialize from the bakery of the avenue. Money does not arrive. Bad debt rising. I sat in the front door, drinking coffee when I go to Javelin.