Dog Food: Wet, Dry Food – Or Even Cooked?

Dog food: Wet, dry or cooked yourself? – dried fodder is one of the most popular forms of feeding among dog owners. The benefits of a dry action are diverse: in addition to practical and time-saving handling it characterized by easy storage and minimal odour. The composition remains the same, which suits just the digestive tract aimed at continuity of the dog. The lower feed amount charged less than wet or fresh fodder to the gastro-intestinal tract. During the manufacturing process, the raw materials are open-minded, which increases the digestibility and thus the impact of the fodder. Also for the teeth, this feeding form has advantages, know the Leipzig veterinarian Stefanie Schmidt: the specific consistency of dry feed encourages the dog to chew. This results, depending on the size, density and texture of the croquettes to a natural abrasion of tooth surfaces.” This can counteract the formation of tartar prophylactically. It is important a Views on the Declaration.

In case of doubt should be an expert for advice. Veterinarian Stefanie Schmidt: So that the lining meets the special requirements of the individual animal, it should take into account as far as possible all its properties such as breed, age, activity and size. Standard feed that is fed equally on all dogs, exists but incorrect supplies, which can lead to health problems.” Wet food processes raw materials in crushed up ground form. Because flavors this preparation form better unfold, just picky dogs often prefer this type of feeding. While canned food by the sterilization process has a very good hygienic quality, but it is easily perishable after opening the packaging. Therefore, it is not suitable to stay longer in the bowl. Due to the high water content (approx. 70-80%), feeding makes a contribution to the water supply. This can be useful for animals that drink in general too little.