We could say, that an emotional factor affects the affective balance, generating a disequilibrium. When we unbalance in them affectively, we affect tnus vascular; of the respiratory ways for example, where bacteria and/or viruses lodge themselves, what it makes in them to develop cooled constant, for example. Then, we say that the emotional states intervene with the resistance of our organism, that being in low, ' ' it opens portas' ' for the installation of illnesses. From there, the psychosomatic somatizao and illnesses. So that let us can rotulalas of this form, it has the necessity of if establishing a relation between the existing conflict and the illness. Even in the prpia formation of this. We cannot say, that conflicts do not provoke somatic manifestations. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. John Mcdougall. The nervous system exerts to be able on the organic immunity, from there, if to give a very great importance for ' ' stress' '.

The pressures, ' ' agresses' ' suffered for the external environment, they unchain in the individual a tension constant. This constancy, can lead to the production of upheavals in the functioning of the organism, (chronic upheavals) e, later, to the one organic injury, as in the case of ulcers and gatrites. The Psychoanalysis, allows in them to understand these upheavals, from the analysis of the relation of the individual with the social environment, for example, studying the paper of the frustrations for precocious affective lack. It is necessary that if stente for the fact not to be able to ngar the alterations that we feel in our organism in the day the day. We cannot simply affirm that the citizen is ' ' calling ateno' ' , that he is only psychological, that this swims has, only wants estra in evidence. We more than need each time information on how much the emotional one intervenes with our organism. We do not have simply friction the other and to assimilate the ideas that the sense-common one brings in them. Informen, they question, they read. Everything this leads to the knowledge, to the increase of acquired culture and one ' ' to look at respectful to prximo' ' !