Oral Fixation Mints Minzpastillen

Breath freshness meets style anytime, anywhere of ORAL FIXATION mints make for a varied breath freshness. Although mints have established themselves more and more as a daily companion in the last few years, there was yet no premium product that simultaneously impresses with its superior quality and a fantastic design, so the idea of the manufacturer. Mints are filled with handmade, individually engraved premium mints in exceptional flavors come out in attractive metal boxes that the 1920s in its form reminiscent of the cigarette cases. Two years ago, were the gourmets of mints in the United States at the start and became the trend product according to the manufacturer within a very short time. What have the mints, what others don’t have? Since the manufacturer leads once excellent quality and first class ingredients, combined with an exceptional packaging made of brushed metal. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Neal Barnard, another great source of information. After emptying, the Pack can be used as a card box or wallet. They are available Mintsunter else in these 6 species: the hit for caffeine junkies is “Night light”, the first koffeinierte Chai-Mint in the world. Thanks to the Chai-Mint, it is now possible to distribute small doses of caffeine throughout the day and to maintain so that “Alertness level”, rather than a single caffeine flashes.

Classical Peppermint – the classic strong Peppermint taste. For those who like the intensive minzfrische taste. “Sugar free Tibet” *-Wintergreen mints, sugar free * oral fixation donates 10% of revenue from “sugar free Tibet” for non-profit NGOs to the liberation of Tibet “7 deadly cinnamon” – a spicy mix with southern Chinese and American cinnamon “Spare Mint” – Spearmint – the U.S. Mint is well known for its mild taste.