Germans Chocolate

Exotic hot chocolate are in vogue the popularity of chocolate gifts can be hardly more clearly documented: Aachen, April 2008 whether birthday, at the rendezvous, or simply as a small thank you Germans give chocolate like and throughout the year. This proves the current hot chocolate by Lindt taste-Panel study (2008): more and more chocolate friends choose sharp chocolate to give a special touch to their gift by the interesting combination of sweetness and sharpness. About 51 percent of those surveyed in the representative study received last month even chocolate. How popular chocolate just as proof of affection is, shows another result of the survey: three out of five respondents would bring chocolate even as attention to a rendezvous. A total nine percent show very progressive on the hot trend and can imagine, to give their date sharp chocolate. Whether they do from joy in the particular, or from the knowledge that sharp delights have been always apply as an aphrodisiac, has not been documented. Anyway, an increased desire on sharp chocolate flavour is reflected in particular in the 30-39 year-olds: proud 13.9 percent of this age group would dare play with the stimulating fire of tongue at a rendezvous. This showing the study needs the new hot chocolate come in panels of Lindt contrary to an exciting mix of 70% cocoa, intensive sweetness of exotic fruits and seductive sharpness of Chili, Jalapeno or cayenne pepper.

Thus, hot chocolate is not only the perfect gift for an exceptional rendezvous, but easy for every occasion although the Germans as a gift not even need such. Because the study also showed surprising 27 percent of all respondents had the last time chocolate just”given. About Lindt & Sprungli for over 160 years, Lindt & Sprungli writes history in the art of chocolate making. With the invention of Conche in 1879 gave Rodolphe His chocolate Lindt first its incomparably soft enamel. Today as in the past are passion, highest quality and finest raw materials the main ingredients of the maitres chocolatiers of Lindt.