Free Air Massage

Out of the shoes, experience free into the pleasure and the world without running shoes is still the healthiest thing you can do at his feet. It’s especially in the summer. More barefoot parks offering special paths for bare feet. Brown mud presses through the toes and stick to your feet. The drying mush is liable just like a second skin. The next warm puddle serves as a foot basin, soft, bumpy sods or gravel surfaces than massage carpet.

Sensations, who know many from childhood days. This is barefoot running one of the most natural things in the world and a health therapy, which strictly speaking is proven for humans for millennia. Whether the waiver of the footwear is healthy, gravel, sand, grass, clay, or forest floor provides direct contact with nature and therefore delivers a whole dimension of sensory impressions and positive incentives that swallowed nowadays normally by Shanks’s pony. Long before the term of the reflexology was invented, recommended priest Sebastian Kneipp barfussiges walking on bleeding meadows. Around to stimulate blood circulation and the immune system to strengthen. Also, to find again in the middle. Because barefoot running helps stress and tension to remove. Also on urban pavement or at home on the carpet floor barefoot can exert its positive effect.

More and more physicians are given the simple, but effective curative effect of the socks. The Barefoot reflects the grip the people”, says Matthias Dittes, healing physician from Waldeck clinic in Dornstetten. It were up to him, bare feet would come back into fashion. The different stimuli that affect the feet, stimulating the brain”, so Dittes. The coordination and sense of balance would improve the brain will total active. Also will strengthen the musculoskeletal system. With their country’s first barefoot Park Dornstetten, a small town in the northern Black Forest, was from the Encouragement is literally overrun. On the 2.4-kilometer course of the BarfussPark Hall cheeks can take visitors their first steps in a Schuhbefreites of life. Natural trails or sections with leaves, bark mulch, pine needles or cobblestone to the feet of the new freedom to get used to. Artificial mud pits simulate emergencies”in rainy weather. The stations of trimming the feet “path are complemented with information boards and concrete exercises to the foot exercises. The admission is free. In the summer months visitors get weekends formally on the feet. By the same author: Donald Cerrone. Children from all over Germany romp with her parents over the terrain. Tourists coming from France, of Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The German society for brain training completed exercise units there regularly, groups of children with difficulty concentrating marching next to migraine group. The BarfussPark is of course Hall cheeks also great fun for people without complaints. Playground, Forest playground with barbecue or picnic to enjoy invite. For walking lame”feet offer the play areas varied stay. While active barefoot treads traversed the entire course or the settling round about 1.4 km long, balance the younger visitors on stilts, swing and jump on the giant flat feet or enjoy themselves in the imaginative water play area.